The Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance

Fueling the future of web3 innovation on Linea.

Powered by 45+ venture partners.


The Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance

Is an investment syndicate dedicated to empowering startups building on Linea. In the dynamic world of innovation, securing capital can be challenging, and LEIA aims to be a transformative force and catalyst to the funding process. In addition, LEIA adds invaluable mentorship and technical coaching to the mix, making it a unique program that addresses significant areas of growth for Linea builders.


Application and Recognition

Once you apply for LEIA, you will go through a selection process that is designed to pick the most promising projects.


Investment and Elevation

Selected projects recieve not only dedicated capital but also comprehensive support in the form of technical coaching, mentorship, and networking opportunity.


Developer ready

Once you secure funding through LEIA, you become a part of the Consensys family. Together, we create a collaborative ecosystem where Linea builders unite to innovate and shape the decentralized future.

45+ leading venture capital firms dedicated to supporting Linea builders

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Suggesting RFP

We support projects leveraging Linea’s next-gen scalability solution

Financial and Payment Applications

With Linea’s optimized EVM equivalence, cost, effectiveness, and faster withdrawal periods, LEIA supports next-gen DeFi and payment projects focused on asset security and mass adoption.

Gaming and

To bring the next billion users to web3, Linea empowers peer-to-peer interactions and supports web3 gaming. Features of the network include gas-fee subsidies, account abstraction, and in-game experiences backed by asset ownership authentication. LEIA is positioned to accelerate fundraising and market entry for exceptional digital content.

and Identities

Explore the evolution of web3 social and identity projects with Linea. Embracing composability and interoperability, LEIA is dedicated to support innovative social protocols and become integral parts of Web3’s core infrastructure.

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