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Collect LXP-L for bringing liquidity to Linea. Join the Surge, as the Linea Voyage enters its final stage, and make the most of your onchain activity as Linea prepares to decentralize.


Unleash the Power of Linea

The Linea Voyage: Surge presents DeFi users an incredible opportunity to collect LXP-L for bringing liquidity to Linea and activating it in DeFi protocols.

Collect LXP Hourly

Collect LXP-L

LXP-L is the point system designated for liquidity on Linea during the surge.

Real-Time Tracking

Transparent Program

Monitor LXP-L distribution on the state of the art dashboard by OpenBlocks

6 Volts

6 Volts

The Linea Voyage: Surge lasts for 6 Volts (or up to $3b of TVL on Linea), with more LXP-L flowing to the earliest Volts.


Bring Liquidity, Get LXP-L

During the Surge, you collect LXP-L by bridging liquidity and managing it in passive or active positions on our network. Liquidity is not locked on Linea, allowing users to participate or exit the Surge freely. Monitor the heatmap on the OpenBlock dashboard to optimize your strategy.

Vector overlay

Inclusive program

The Linea Voyage: Surge works for everyone. Our program is inclusive, by providing the opportunity to collect LXP-L for a different number of activities, like restaking ETH or DEX LPing, and on a wide set of asset classes, like ETH, LST, LRT, stablecoins, RWAs and more.



You do you. Do it while getting LXP-L.

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers

Optimize your position by stacking points while you stack sats.

DeFi Protocols

DeFi Protocols

Supercharge protocol activity by expanding TVL in a period of high voltage.

Join the Referral Program

  • You must join using a referral code to make your address eligible
  • Explore communities and Twitter to find referral codes
  • Visit the referral page to sign up
Referral System

The Surge Continues: 6 Volts or $3B TVL

The Linea Voyage: Surge will run for 6 Volts, or until we reach $3B in TVL, whichever comes first. This means you have the opportunity to collect LXP-L for a limited time as we supercharge the ecosystem together and prepare to decentralize. Every Volt distributes less LXP-L, so get in early, and get in fast.


Join the Surge

Join the Surge today and be a part of the revolution. Collect LXP-L, find great yield opportunities, boost the Linea ecosystem, and supercharge your DeFi journey. Get onchain, get #OnLinea.

Prepare for Voltage. The Linea Voyage: Surge has begun.